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30.Mar // Blackfield - Welcome to my DNA

Imagine, if you will, Porcupine Tree without the 10 minute songs, overt technicality, the heaviness and the progressive tendencies, and you've basically got the measure of what Blackfield, PT frontman Steven Wilson's side project with Israeli musician Aviv Geffen, sounds like.

This actually makes it sound as though, in fact, the two groups are nothing alike, but there are still definite similarities. For starters, it's almost impossible to listen to Wilson's unmistakable singing voice without making the connection, and also, a great deal of Welcome to my DNA sounds like the more melodic aspects of PT albums, so such comparisons should come as no surprise.

However, don't read this as Blackfield = Porcupine Tree Light, as that would do a great disservice to what is an intriguing and multi-layered collection of indie-pop songs. It's certainly varied; for example, opener 'Glass House' gives the impression that the rest of the record is going to be all floaty dream-pop, but following track 'Go to Hell', as the name suggests, is a much more confrontational and darker number.

Elsewhere on the album, 'Dissolving With the Night' drifts along peacefully until it swells to a moving orchestral crescendo, while the ensuing track, the folk-meets-metal 'Blood', is undoubtedly the heaviest song on the album; however, by second-to-last track 'Zigota', Geffen and Wilson have mellowed again and are this time swimming in Pink Floyd territory. It really is that varied, and it's this contrast between songs that really makes the album an interesting listen, as you don't often find records toward the poppier end the of the musical spectrum that mix things up as much as Welcome to my DNA does.

Words by: Mike Perry

Blackfield - Myspace


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